For us technology and design play two symbiotic roles which will only be successful together

Our philosophy is to use intuition and rational thinking both as equivalent tools for our production.


Bringing life into virtual pictures isn't always easy to please an ambitious eye. Good observation skills play a key role in our profession acieving high class quality.

Sometimes it's hard to see how rich in complexity our world really is. Our work will give you a new introduction to this variety of detail.


Intelligent handling and effective Algorithms is a challenge. Software design and User Experience is serious artwork with their own rules.

For us a software is more than the sum of it parts. It's an interface for the human brain. We first try to understand the human brain before we design the software for it.

We are brave enough to think out of the box of current mindsets


We provide award winning solutions. Though one of our youngest services, our design work has yet convinced a lot of multi disciplined Juries they have not just eyes for a good design but also a highly technical attitude. Amazed about our Ideas they honored us with various prizes or nominations. There can be the most beautiful Design made virtually. But it will be worthless for real life if it fails on the physical conditions. We not only have the ambition but also come with a solid background in engineering to create design they not just look nice but work efficiently.

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Good observation skills and high artistic attitude are the key for our work philosophy to bring dead images to life, which is pleasing audiences with high visual attitudes. Experienced in 3D programs such as Autodesk® Maya™ and Other 3D graphic tools since 2001, we turn the best out of what is possible with state of the art hardware and software. Our work has been contributed to a various award winning projects in the film industry. The Academy Award (Oscar) is one of them. Have a look at our References and Showreel

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20 years of solid programming experience in multiple languages such as, C++,C sharp, Python, Java, and various other Script languages such as MEL, HTML5, CSS3

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    This is a selection of our recent works done. To view the full list follow the link below.

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  • Virtual Reality Demo

    To Extend Sports experoence into virtual Reality we developed an VR Environment for our Customer. This is a little sneek peek of what awaits the User.

  • Dynafit Rotation Toe

    For the Dynafit brand we created this unique product demonstration video. It demonstrates the new functionality of the new dynafit tour binding according strokes from the Terrain.

  • ENO Energy Fair Movie

    A fair movie presenting the new innovative features of the E114 wind turbines. Key innvoation is the reduced trailig flow.


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Let's do some Computer Vision Testing
Posted on February 02, 2017
Wie currently are working on some promising Computer vision Algorithms in the field of SLAM, Deep Sparse Odometry, Deep Parralel Tracking and Mapping (DTAM) and Eulerian Video Magnification...
Speaking at the 8. Rheiner Windenergie Forum 2015
Posted on March 17, 2015
We had the honor being invited at the 8th Rheiner Windenergie Forum  and to be featured as the introducing speaker opening the congress. it was so far a very refreshing conference with a lot of ..



  • We are a Design and Engineering Company developing innovative solutions to make the world a smarter place.
  • Key to our work is a good combination of creativity and technical knowledge. Because we believe that the most sophisticated result can only be reached when these two attitudes go hand in hand.
  • Thinking out of the box is not just a slogan it's our philosophy. This attitude is the key in our daily work resulting in award winning Innovations which speaks for themselves.





Bergstr 8
85567 Grafing
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Skype: ftc-creative

Münchner Merkur

Schaller's technology can not only applied on wings of future aircrafts but also increase the power outout of wind turbines. with bionic propellers from less wind more electrical energy can be obtained.

Münchner Merkur
( Newspaper )

Mario Bicher

To change the perspective and to break out of the familiar, that's what also Felix Schaller feels obliged. For his work and reflections on Bionic Wing Construction he received the Querdenker Award in November 2012

Mario Bicher
( Editor in chief / Modell-Aviator )

Saschka Unseld

Top qualities: Personable, On Time, High Integrity

Saschka Unseld
( Artist, Pixar Studios )

Michael Banks

I would highly recommend Felix to any potential employer as he not only holds a vast array of skills and talent in relation to 3D but works well within a team environment. I found him easy to get along with, which was echoed through his immediate peers working at the time on the Odd Socks project.

Michael Banks
( Asset Mgr. - )

Nir Loewenberg

I worked with Felix on several commercial projects at suedlich-t. Felix has very good lighting and shading skills but also good rigging skills. It was easy to get along with him, on a personal and professional level.

Nir Loewenberg
( 3d Digital Artist / Südlich-t )

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